Death of the Org Chart, Rise of the Organizational Graph by Walt Brown


In this book, you will learn our belief that the usefulness of the classic org chart has reached its limit and how to address this problem. The old question “Who is doing what?”, like the classic Org Chart, gets to something vital, but in a way that misses the ever more complicated reality of 21st century organizations. Not only has “Who is doing what?” turned into an incredibly complex question, “What am I doing and why?” has become a painfully difficult one for workers to answer. The goal of this book is to provide an approach and a set of tools that allow both leaders and Individual Contributors (ICs) to answer these questions honestly and completely. It is to help people understand organizational complexity – the messy complicated reality, not the neat simplicity portrayed in Org Charts. It is to provide a clear framework for working within this complexity with a 14 Point Checklist called the Organizational Cognizance Model. We will introduce a software approach to replace your 2-D Org Chart with a dynamic, interactive 3-D Organizational Graph. Finally, the book will provide thinking tools and facilitation examples that help organizations get buy-in, build clarity, transparency, and, ultimately, “Organizational Cognizance” into their companies. Organizational Cognizance is about building awareness and knowledge for Individual Contributors and helping them, their fellow team members, and leaders to understand precisely how they are connected to others, where they fit, and how they belong.

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